Oil Production in Turkey

3.2 million tons

Average Daily Production

60,845 barrels/day

Total Production Reserve

209.9 million tons

Cumulative Production (1954-2020)

161.8 million tons

Who Are We

Petroleum is an independent oil storage terminal operator in Turkey established in the early 2000’s. Petroleum leases out term storage of clean oil products, sea/land discharge and reload services to local and international oil companies. Petroleum’s client portfolio includes international and local oil trading companies, refineries and state oil companies.

Petroleum’s headquarter is in Istanbul and the current fully operational oil storage terminal is in Mersin, Turkey. Petroleum is currently building a new oil storage terminal of 550’000 cubic meters total capacity in its sea-attached land in Ceyhan, Turkey. Petroleum previously owned and managed several other oil terminals in Turkey. In Mersin Terminal, Petroleum offers storage and efficient handling of full range of clean/white oil products including gasoil, diesel, gasoline, naphtha and kerosene. Petroleum has a long history and experience in serving Iraq’s oil requirements through Turkey by truck tankers. With the end of the embargo to Iraq and restart the transit oil products trade business between Turkey and Iraq, Petroleum has invested in and upgraded Mersin Oil Storage Terminal to serve local, transit and international markets as well as develop product trading business. Between 2004 and 2007, Petroleum has been a key and competitive product supplier of gasoil, gasoline and kerosene cargoes to neighboring countries via contractors and delivering directly. Through years of experience, Petroleum has become a well established and appreciated company in international oil storage. Petroleum’s customers are assured of the exceptional storage servicesthrough dedicated storage systems, highly skilled personnel and Petroleum’s creative logistical solutions. Petroleum is totally committed to help its clients become more efficient, competitive and profitable. Its successful handling of oil products, long term experience in terminal management and knowledge of transit transportation together with its well experienced management team has made Petroleum the preferred storage and service supplier for wide range of companies.